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Government Agencies

Other Organizations

American Fisheries Society

Center of Excellence for Sustainable Development

Atlantic Coast Watch

Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program

Audubon of Florida

Florida Watershed Monitoring Atlas GIS Project

Audubon:  Southwest Florida Audubon Society

Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Audubon:  Collier Audubon

United States Environmental Protection Agency's
Total Maximum Daily Load Program

Big Cypress Basin Regional Research
Database Project

EPA's Top 10 Watershed Lessons Learned 

Caloosahatchee River Citizens Association (CRCA)

EPA Office of Wetlands, Oceans and Watersheds

Calusa Restoration Coordination Team

EPA National Estuary Program

Center for Watershed Protection

Everglades Restoration Plan

National Sea Grant Sponsored Research

Chesapeake Bay Foundation

South Florida Restoration Science Forum

Coastal Conservation Association of Florida

South Florida Water Management District

Water Resources Advisory Commission (WRAC)

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida

US Army Corps of Engineers (Jacksonville) Corkscrew Regional Ecosystem Watershed Trust
USGS Water Use in the United States Friends of Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve
US Fish and Wildlife Service, Southeastern Region

Journal for Water Quality Professionals


The Nature Conservancy 


People United to Restore Our Rivers and Estuaries


Pew Oceans Commission

Stormwater Utility Links

Public-Private Partnerships for the Urban Environment (PPPUE)

Florida Association of Stormwater Utilities

 Responsible Growth Management Coalition

Rocky Mountain Institute
The Stormwater Manager's Resource Center

Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation

Storm Water Resources Site

Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve

Other Watershed Organizations

Southwest Florida Amphibian Monitoring Network

American Rivers

Southeast Environmental Research Center of FIU

River Network

The Sustainable Development Institute

The Watershed Management Council

University of Florida, Center For Aquatic Plants

National Watershed Council Worldwatch Institute
Center for Watershed Protection


York Watershed Council

Watershed Data

Norwalk River Watershed Association, Inc.

Lee County Watershed Data

Merrimac River Watershed Council, Inc. An Integrated Surface Water Quality Monitoring Program for S. FL Coastal Waters
Rivers Coalition
  Charlotte Harbor Water Quality 1997
Marys River Watershed Council USGS Real Time Water Data
Water Related Sites USGS Real Time Water Data for South Florida
Charlotte Harbor Water Atlas SFWMD Water Data
Ground Water Atlas (USGS) EPA Water Data and Databases
Water Structure and Behavior  
Water Watch (USGS)
US Stream Flow Data