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Watershed Related Acronyms


Glossary of Environmental Terms and Acronyms

Caloosahatchee Water Management Plan (SFWMD)

Proceedings from the May 26, 2010 Watershed Planning Workshop

SW Florida Feasibility Study Documents

  Final Restudy Performance Measures Summary

Final Restudy Performance Measures Details


Lake Okeechobee Water Level Management

Paul N. Gray, Ph.D.

Florida DEP Water Policy Documents

Florida DEP About Watershed Management

Ecosystem History: Florida Bay and the Southwest Coast (USGS)


Estero Bay Watershed Assessment

TNC Weed Control Handbook

US Forest Service (Department of Agriculture) on-line library

USGS On Line Library


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Manuals and Guides

  (Non-electronic, i.e., paper)

Basin Boundaries for Works of the District Within the Okeechobee Basin  

“A Beginner’s Guide to Water Management - The ABCs” - Descriptions of Commonly Used Terms  

“A Beginner’s Guide to Water Management - Water Clarity  

“A Beginner’s Guide to Water Management - Nutrients”  

“Broad-Leaf Arrowhead: A Workhorse of the Wetland”  

Catalog of Federal Funding Sources for Watershed Protection  

A Citizen’s Streambank Restoration Handbook  

The Clean Water Act - An Owners Manual - River Network  

Clean Water In Your Watershed: A Citizens Guide To Watershed Protection  

Consensus Agreement On Model Development Principles To Protect Our Streams, Lakes and Wetlands  

Effects of Long-Term Disturbance on Riparian Vegetation and In-Stream Characteristics  

Field Manual of Urban Stream Restoration  

First Flush of Stormwater Pollutants Investigated in Texas  

Florida Lake Management Society, A Survey of Local Government Urban Lake Management  

Florida Lake Regions  

Florida LakeWatch Data  

Florida Yards And Neighborhoods Handbook: A Guide to Environmentally Friendly Landscaping  

Fundamentals of Urban Runoff Management - Technical and Institutional Issues  

Funding for Habitat Restoration

Getting in Step - A Guide to Effective Outreach in Your Watershed  

Groundwater Impacts of Golf Course Development in Cape Cod  

Ground Water and Surface Water - A Single Resource - U.S. Geological Survey Circular 1139  

Hillsborough Stream Watch  

Keep It Clean - A Citizens Guide to Protecting Our Estuary  

Know Your Watershed - A Guide for Watershed Partnerships            

            Building Local Partnerships            

            Getting to Know your Local Watershed            

            Leading & Communicating            

            Managing Conflict            

            Putting Together A Watershed Management Plan            

            Reflecting On Lakes            

            State and Regional Watershed Contacts  

Land and Water - The Magazine of Natural Resource Management and Restoration  

Landscaping - A Guide to Environmentally Friendly Landscaping (Florida Yards and Neighborhoods Handbook)  

Lee Coast Water Quality Monitoring Stations  

Minimizing the Impact of Golf Courses on Streams  

Natural Resources Conservation Service - USDA NRCS  

Ocklawaha Prairie Restoration Area Land Management Plan - St. Johns River Water Management District  

Organizing Lake Users: A Practical Guide  

Peace River Water Quality Monitoring Project

Pollutant Dynamics of Pond Muck - (Muck deposition influences design and maintenance of stormwater ponds)  

Practical Bioengineering Applications in Watershed Management  

The Practice of Watershed Protection, Techniques for protecting our nations’s streams, lakes, rivers, and estuaries  

Proceedings: National Watershed Water Quality Project Symposium  

Rapid Watershed Planning Handbook (A comprehensive Guide for Managing Urbanizing Watersheds) Oct. 1998, reprinted 1999  

A Second Look at Porous Pavement/Underground Recharge  

Is Rooftop Runoff Really Clean  

Save Our Streams: Monitor’s Guide to Aquatic Macroinvertebrates  

Save Our Streams: Program Catalog  

A Second Look at Porous Pavement/Underground Recharge  

Should Numerical Imperviousness Be Used to Zone Watersheds?  (Open Forum devoted to the question of whether specific, numerical limits on total watershed imperviousness are a practical and defensible zoning tool to protect stream quality in developing areas)  

Stormwater Management - A Guide for Floridians  

Stormwater Ponds: A Citizens Guide to Their Purposes and Management  

Stormwater Strategies - Community Responses to Runoff Pollution  

A Strategy for Evaluating In-lake Treatment Effectiveness and Longevity  

Stream Care Guide  

Treatment of Stormwater Runoff From And Agricultural Basin by a Wet-Detention Pond in Ruskin, Florida (Interim Report)  

Trophic State: A Waterbodies Ability to Support Plants, Fish and Wildlife  

Urban Targeting and BMP Selection - An Information and Guidance Manual for State Nonpoint Source Program Staff Engineers and Managers  

On The Waterfront - When Shoreline Beauty Becomes a Beast to Maintain  

The Use of Wetlands for Controlling Stormwater Pollution  

Volunteer Lake Monitoring  

Volunteer Stream Monitoring: A Methods Manual  

Volunteer Water Monitoring: A Guide for State Managers  

A Beginner’s Guide to Water Management - Nutrients (Information Circular #102) Florida LakeWatch  

Wading and Watching: Citizen Water Quality Monitoring in Florida  

Watershed Restoration: Principles and Practices  

Watershed Training Opportunities  

Water Quality Indicators Guide - Surface Waters (2nd edition)  

Water Reuse Ponds Developed in Florida  

Water - A Special Report - Naples Daily News  

A Watershed Approach To Urban Runoff - Handbook for Decisionmakers  

WaterWorks - Your neighbors share ideas on working in partnership for clean water  

Wetlands - A Key Link in Watershed Management - A Guide for Watershed Partnerships  



Urban Water Quality ...Sound management makes it happen  

Views from Your Lake - A Choice, an Action  

Watershed Management - A Community Process  



 A cost-effective pollution prevention program for farms, ranches and homes turns environmental assessments into ACTION  

Estero Bay Buddies, Inc.  

Florida Yards & Neighborhoods for the Indian River Lagoon - Empowering the Public: A Homeowner Education Program for NonPoint Source Pollution Reduction (Apr. 1998)  

Groundwater & Surface Water: Understanding The Interaction  

The Stream Wheel - Stream Maintenance/Nuisance Wildlife/Land Preservation/Stream Restoration/Storm Drains/Outbuildings & Equipment/Yard Waste/Landscaping//Lawn Chemicals/Lawn Care/Streambank Erosion/Septic Systems  

Wherever you Live...Know your watershed