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Ground Rules for Meetings

July 15, 2001


1.  The committees undertake the primary, substantive work of the Watershed Council. The Committee Chairperson (or designee) will make committee reports and recommendations regarding specific issues at the regularly scheduled Watershed Council meetings.  Committee chairs ensure that the efforts of their committees are consistent with the mission and goals of the Watershed Council.


2.  Committee chairs will present, within a time frame mutually established with the Watershed Council Board Chairman, how recommendations were arrived at.  Watershed Council members should recognize that there is insufficient time to discuss each recommendation in the same amount of detail as was discussed by the Committee.  If certain Watershed Council members require more detailed information than can be conveyed in the allotted time, they should request that a decision be postponed and seek a meeting with the chairperson and/or other committee members before the next scheduled Watershed Council meeting.  Watershed Council decision on the recommendation will be deferred for one month to enable this meeting to occur. 


3.  Following discussion, the Watershed Council members will, by consensus, act on the recommendation in one of five ways:  1) accept it as presented; 2) modify it in a way that is acceptable to all; 3) reject it; 4) send it back to the committee for further work; or 5)  table it until changed circumstances warrant it being reconsidered.


4.  If an issue of a substantive nature rises from the floor (as opposed to coming through one or more Watershed Council committees) at a Watershed Council meeting, it shall be handled as follows: 1) the topic will be introduced under the New Business/Public Comment portion of the meeting; 2) a member in good standing must propose a course of action (non-members may introduce a topic, but only members will participate in the decision making process).  The Watershed Council Chair will designate a time frame for discussion, which will then proceed as for any other Watershed Council business.


5.  Committees may invite guest speakers to make presentations at Watershed Council meetings to provide information and opinions on matters before the Watershed Council.  All such presentations will be coordinated through the Watershed Council Board of Directors, who will endeavor to assure fairness and equity amongst guest speakers.


6.  Posted agendas for Watershed Council meetings will include time allotments for agenda items.  Only upon consent of Watershed Council members present may time allotments be significantly changed.




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