December 12, 2002



Ms. Trudi Williams, Chairman

South Florida Water Management District

3301 Gun Club Road

West Palm Beach, Florida 33416-4680



Dear Ms. Williams,


As you are aware, the Southwest Florida Watershed Council supports the ”Integrated Plan for South Florida Ecosystem Restoration and Sustainability,” particularly the goal to “get the Water Right:  to deliver the right amount of water of the right quality, to the right places at the right times.”  To that end, we applaud your recently announced water conservation program for a portion of Southwest Florida by restrictions of use.  However, from the information published we believe two additional elements should be included to more completely support the stated goal. 


1.       All users within the sixteen county jurisdiction of the South Florida Water Management

District should be included in the water conservation program, with exceptions only for those entities engaged in best management practices and/or having a regulated allocated supply of the water resource. Through restrictions of use, this approach will not only benefit the aquifer supplying the coastal counties as targeted in this program ,but also the water supply from wherever drawn.

2.        Recognize the need for public education to stimulate voluntary compliance with use

restrictions fro water conservation.  Education coupled with necessary enforcement will effect a successful program.  In this context, we are alarmed that most of the South Florida Water Management District’s area was excluded from this conservation effort and particularly dismayed that Hendry and Glades counties were not included in the list of counties in the information published about this plan.  We suggest that if your intent is to expand water use restrictions to the entire area of the South Florida Water Management District from a beginning in Southwest Florida, do not dilute the effect by either seeming to privilege Hendry and Glades counties from what will become a necessary burden for all or negating the longer term benefit of a population educated in water conservation in this rapidly growing area.


We thank your for your leadership in this effort, and we look forward to working with you to make the conservation of water resources a normal part of life for every citizen living within the South Florida Water Management District’s boundaries.





Noel Andress




Copy:  Mr. Henry Dean, Ms. Carol Wehle





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