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This page contains links to Organizational documents, and other Watershed Issues documents we've found useful and collected here for your convenience.

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Issues Documents       

 Proceedings from the May 26, 2010 Watershed Planning Workshop

Council Letters Agency Responses*
Minimum Flows and Levels  
SFWMD Request 03192009  
SFWMD MAL 061704  
Lee County Lake O Release 060604  
SFWMD 052004 SFWMD62504
SFWMD and USACOE LO 022004 SFWMD031104
SFWMD EB MFL 012303  
SFWMD MFL 120302  SFWMD011503
SFWMD MFL Rule Letter 062702  
SFWMD MFL Letter 053002  
SFWMD MFL Letter 051502  
SFWMD MFL Letter 082701  
Water Reservation  
WC Letter to Janet Llewellyn 8/5/2010 DEP Response 100410
SFWMD 1008 SFWMD1108
SFWMD 0708 SFWMD 0908
SFWMD 0705  
SFWMD 061704  
Legislative Delegation Letter 041504  
SFWMD Water Reservation Baseline Data 022004 SFWMD 042904
SFWMD Water Reservation Baseline Data Request 121103  
FDEP Water Reservation Request Letter 061903 DEP072203     SenGraham071803
SFWMD WaterReseveration Comment Letter 082602   
SFWMD Reseveration Request Letter 082202   
DEP WRI Letter 081902  
SFWMD CR Permit Letter 062702  
Lee County Water Budget Concept  
Lee BOCC WB Letter of Support 022503  
Water Budget  
Water Restrictions  
SFWMD Water Restrictions 012303  
SFWMD Water Restrictions121202   
Charlotte Harbor SWIM Designation  
SFWMD SWIM Thank You BG 022503  
SFWMD SWIM Thank You Staff 022503  
Naples Bay SWIM Designation  
SFWMD Request 061903 SFWMD070103
Impaired Waters List -- Caloosahatchee Basin  
FDEP Letter March 2005  
Impaired Waters List for the Caloosahatchee Basin  
Legislative Affairs  
Legislative Priorities for 2006  
Senate Bill 1800 March 2005  
Legislative Priorities for 2005  
Legislative Delegation Meeting Letter 120303 Bennett     Green     Kyle
Legislative Issues Letter 041403  
Ceitus Overview August 2012 PresentationPresentation  
LORS 08 Revision Letter June 29, 2011  
Adaptive Protocols for Lake Okeechobee Ops  
C43 Reservoir Comments 102207  
Closure of EPA Office in Southwest Florida  
Lake Okeechobee Regulation Schedule Study Letter September 2005  
Resolution Seeking Action to Improve the Health of the Caloosahatchee (SFWMD)     Cover Letter  
Resolution Seeking Action to Improve the Health of the Caloosahatchee (Corps)     Cover Letter  
2005/2006 Budget of the South Florida Water Management District  
Resolution Expressing Support for the Efforts of the Lee Board of County Commissioners (click here for a photo)  
C43 West Reservoir Basis of Design Comments  
Lake Okeechobee Water Releases  
Babcock Acquisition Effort 041504 SFWMD043004
SFWMD Letter 111103  
LBOCC FWA 012303  
EPA Watershed Grant RFP Input 062702  
Southern Golden Gate Estates (SGGE) Hydrologic Restoration Letter 042502  
Oxbow Reconnaissance Study Letter 032802  
Ding Darling (NWF) Letter of Support 022402  
EPA Water Transfer Rule Letter  
DRGR Letter DRGR Response
South West Florida Special Basin Rule, Public Comments